caterpillar at minexpo 2016

Center Stage was the focal point of Caterpillar's 2016 MINExpo booth. The whole premise of the stage content was to prove the value of Caterpillar dealers in the mining community. The means of doing so was a massive documentary series. Converse Marketing created a rich backdrop of Earth to strengthen the message of the global dealer network. The show was four hours long, about three of those hours were ambient content with Earth as the centerpiece. 



This project started with a desire to show the magnitude of Caterpillar's dealer network onstage. A map of some sort was always the intention, but having each continent represent a mineral gave the project true cohesion. The 'mineral map' heavily influenced decisions throughout all the ambient content and the documentaries as well. The largest challenge was making the content flow over three hours. Quality control for that much content was intense, but it all came together and the show was a success.

Agency - Converse Marketing
Creative Direction - Jason Salyers, Seth Hodel
Editing - Tory Dahlhoff, Seth Hodel
Audio - Tory Dahlhoff, Todd Dahlhoff
Design & Animation - Seth Hodel, Noah Witchell, Zandra Conley, Jordan Lamping