In 2016, the Converse team created a series of live-action / 3D videos for Caterpillar. The initial use of the series was at MINexpo, a global mining convention. The series helped Caterpillar illustrate their place and expertise in mining's technology landscape.



This project was all hands on deck. The Converse team wrote, produced, and directed this series of seven videos. We worked with Tallo Filmworks for production, and each step of post-production required a slew of freelancers. My main areas of focus were R&D, creative direction,  project management, and 2D animation. Needless to say, it's hard for any one person to claim any part of these videos, we had to be an integrated team collectively pursuing the finish line. 

Agency - Converse Marketing
Creative Direction - Jason Salyers, Peter Casey, Seth Hodel, Tory Dahlhoff
Script Writing - Jason Salyers, Tory Dahlhoff
Production - Tallo Filmworks, Tory Dahlhoff, Jason Salyers, Seth Hodel, Peter Casey
Editing - Tory Dahlhoff, Seth Hodel
Audio - Tory Dahlhoff
2D Animation - Seth Hodel, Jordan Lamping, Zandra Conley
3D Animation - Peter Casey, Housein Cornell, Kryzysztof Pianko, Anthony Palermo
Key + Roto - Roman Mendez, Chris Ryan, Paul Rosckes