It’s always great when the content you’re working from is already compelling. Converse Marketing has an amazing workplace; a historic 18th century home renovated into an office. The place feels like home, but looks like the 1800s. I was able to help lead the charge developing a logo lockup based off the house for Converse’s 2018 highlight reel.

Agency - Converse Marketing
Creative Direction - Jason Salyers, Seth Hodel, Peter Casey
Design & Animation - Seth Hodel, Peter Casey
Audio - Seth Hodel



I think we all felt confident in the final result. There were great explorations all the way through; we did concepts, storyboards, styleframes, and motion tests. There were some more extravagant ideas, but I didn’t want to take away from the house itself. Building the house up piece by piece allowed for fun animation. Landing on a clean detailed look for the building allowed for its natural beauty to shine.