Converse often creates product videos for Caterpillar. The limitations of the project make it interesting. We had no actual footage or photos of the MD6250 and the budget was fairly small. The core solution involved getting the most out of high res modeled images. Client was very happy with the results, we stayed within budget, and turned out a product piece that I think is better looking than those relying on footage.

Agency - Converse Marketing
Script - Erik Johnson
Creative Direction - Seth Hodel, Jason Salyers
3D Assets - Indigo Studios
Design & Animation - Seth Hodel



The initial stages of pre-production involved directing Indigo on the shots we needed. I was making design elements at the same time, and once the shots came in we got boards to the client.  We also sent a rough edit with the boards in time to music and VO. With sign-off in hand, production started. One of the biggest obstacles was keeping static images interesting. Two ways I overcame this were to give the information graphics nice motion and to develop unique transitions.