Hello there!

I’m a Freelance Motion Graphics Designer based out of Peoria, IL. I love making beautiful and engaging things. A good eye, grit, and an open ear are my keys to excellence.

I've worked and led a variety of projects, but I enjoy 2D animation the most; flat, textured, vector, collage, surreal... you name it.  I also love to design and storyboard for motion.  After Effects is where I spend most of my time, and I'm well-versed in the whole Adobe suite.

I enjoy new challenges, and have experience finding from-scratch solutions for global trade shows to immersive projection experiences to any ol’ bit of web content. Whatever size project, I am determined to find the best solution and result. 

Outside of work, I love life with my wife and daughter, enjoy the outdoors, seek to be an engaged community member, and rock the drums.